Day Sailing

Day sailing is the best way to entertain or reward your corporate guests. Partners, clients or your employees will enjoy a full day sailing on a boat with captain. Catering can be arranged on board or a stop for lunch at an island, which will give a full taste of escape from everyday life. The sailing boat can be branded with company colors.

Undoubtedly, day sailing is the perfect alternative not only for corporate guests but also for:

• Couples who want to spend a romantic day at the beach
• Small groups of people who want to go on a sailing trip
• Small groups of people who want to participate in a daylong sailing race
• Small groups of people who want to go for a marine camping weekend

Recommended destinations

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  1. Η βόλτα μας την Κυριακή ήταν πολύ όμορφη και πολύ “εκπαιδευτική” θα λεγαμε. Σύντομα να κανονίσουμε και την επόμενη μακρινή μας βόλτα. thank you skipper!!!!! cu you soon!!!

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