Suggested Tours

Suggested places…click here.

1. One Week Saronikos

2. Two weeks Saronikos / Peloponnese

3. 1-3 days Saronikos

Τhe above tours are only indicative and can be modified according to the customer’s requests (always taking into consideration the weather forecast)

Useful information

  • It is recommended to sail 15 – 25 NM per day (3-6 hours of sailing)
  • Fuel consumption depends on weather conditions as well as vessel type and size. Our sailing boat consumes about 10 litres fuel per hour.

Prepared routes

By choosing the place of your desire, you’ll get information on possible sailing routes with a graphical display of the route.
If you wish to visit places that are not indicated in our route suggestion of the maritime zone you are sailing in, please feel free to contact us and we’ll prepare a new itinerary suggestion for you.

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